About Me


Welcome to Picky Palate! I’m Jenny, the girl behind the computer who spends WAY too much time in the kitchen loving every minute of it! If I’m not in the kitchen making something, I’m conjuring up what to cook next.

I am an on the go stay at home mom to two little boys with picky little palates, a wife to my high school sweetie of 11 years, a very part time pilates instructor and a retired (for now) dental hygienist. Phew that was a mouthful.

My love of cooking didn't get started until my husband and I got our first home back in 2001, where I realized I didn't have the foggiest idea of what to do in my new kitchen! That led me to read countless cookbooks and watch cooking show after cooking show on Food Network. In all of my experimenting and studying, I found my real passion which is creating and writing my own recipes. In 2004 I started entering cooking competitions on a whim and am still enjoying trying my luck in all kinds of cook-offs from time to time.

Picky Palate started as just a baby late 2007 and has grown to be more fun than I had imagined. This is a place where I share not only recipes for the kids picky palates but for adults too. I love writing family friendly recipes since this is the phase of life I’m in right now. I know how boring the same dinners can get week after week, so it is my goal to provide new and exciting dishes to bring to your kitchen tables. Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll come back soon!

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